Gabrielle Corkness is an American child actress. She voices various characters and appears in various movies. She voices Daisy Kitty and Katie Schioko.

Personal Life Edit

Gabrielle Corkness was born on May 28th 1994. She is the youngest of two children. Gabrielle has autisim and she is a special needs kid. She doesn't like it when she gets teased and picked on. She loves cats. She dreams of having her own children and pets.


Non-existent Animated movies and TV shows:Edit

Daisy Kitty TV show: Daisy Kitty [voice]

Katie Visits Her Father: Katie Schioko [voice]

Newman's Journey: Pumpkin Pawpants [voice]

Gabe's Summer Camp: Daisy Kitty [voice, she appears as the surprise guest and creator of the camp.]

Mrs. Bear's Human Body Facts: Sally Bear [voice]

Reading With Gabe: Gabe [voice]

The Talking Cat: Little Girl [voice]

Time Warp Triplets: Gabrielle [voice]

Real live action movies:Edit

Princess Gabrielle: Princess Gabrielle

Gabrielle, The Roman Girl: Gabrielle

Gabrielle: The Musical: Gabrielle Corkner

The Time Trap: Gabrielle Corkner

Zombies Idol: Gabrielle Corkner [host of the show]