The Little Girl is one of the main characters from The Talking Cat. She is five years old and lives with her mother and older brother. Her father passed away. She is voiced by Gabrielle. The Little Girl is a young human.

Personal LifeEdit

She first appeared about to drown in the water, The Talking Cat rescued her. She begged her mother to let her keep the cat. Her mother reluctantly agreed with her. The Little Girl and The Talking Cat became friends. The Talking Cat protected her from villains, thiefs and other mean people. Then The Little Girl was captured by Dr. Max, The Talking Cat's arch enemy. The Talking Cat ran to save his little friend. Dr. Max was asking The Little Girl where Max was. He also threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where The Talking Cat was. The Little Girl refused to open her mouth. The Dr. Max took a knife out of his pocket and aimed at the Little Girl's heart. That's when the door crashed open, The Talking Cat jumped on Dr. Max and scolded him vicouisly for trying to kill the Little Girl and with one quick scratch, he killed Dr. Max. The Little Girl was still tied up and The Talking Cat freed her. The Little Girl's mother was happy to see her young daughter again. Then her mother thanked The Talking Cat. Then The Talking Cat became a pet and was friends with The Little Girl forever.